Half way between man and myth…phipps

learning should be fun

..but is it ever…

knee deep in ruby….i need a break.

bergdorf goodman christmas windows 2011

The Bergdorf Goodman Christmas windows from this past weekend….very cool









Sometimes the simplest disguises work.

Hello Kitty Boost

Finally finished the Hello Kitty Boost (iPhone charger) for my gf. I like how it came out.

Kitty Boost in action

Inside Kitty


Amazon app of day


Amazon’s free android app if the day is paper camera.  Of course I had to try it out.

I really bed to clean my desk.

Dry indeed.


Apple & Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs passed away today at the age of 56. He irrevocably chained the way we use and think about technology with intense interest in making it better, easier to use, and more beautiful. He didn’t view design as how something looks, he viewed it as how something works. He was a true innovator, a da Vinci of our time.

Rapid Prototy….

I remember when I first read about Makerbot back in 2009. I think it was in Make magazine or something. I found it very interesting because it brought back memories of college with my old roommate Bob and our dream to make a rapid prototype machine in our dorm room. Those same memories came rushing back again when makerbot received 10M investment last month (and I helped assemble a makerbot for techstars office ). Doing all that assembly work and reading about how the design has evolved/moved forward since I last read about it has me wanting one again. As someone who works with CAD software on a daily basis you would think I would be more actively involved in the DIY community and would own a makerbot or something similar. That is going to change soon.

Also, I stumbled across this company….a rapid prototype company for eyeglasses. Interesting concept. I like the idea of modeling your own glasses. Maybe I will do my next set of frames this way, or just have them made on my own.

turntable.fm is addicting

When I was at TCDisrupt earlier this month presenting for Enhatch I got to see a presentation on Turntable.fm

This website is uber-addicting. I have only had time to play it for 2 hours or so over the past 2 weeks but it has been time well spent. Nothing is better then introducing people to music that only I listen too.


BTW….I am 0-3 in the fantasy football league I am commissioner of. What is harder..going 16-0 in fantasy or 0-16.  hmm..

A storm…


is a brewing.


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